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And his attorneys failed to call a crime-scene investigator who would have testified that footprints found near the ditched Durango were not linked to Strong, he said. Police sifted through thousands of tips in the nine years after the slayings.

Grandmother hit in head with lmpd ‘less lethal' projectile remains in icu

I asked him which way he thinks the jury will sway. Couldn't he interesing borrowed the Durango? She would present to the defendant what police had alleged, and ask if it was true, or if investigators were missing anything.

Rios was in the throes of a bitter divorce. I have spoken with Strong dozens of times on the phone and once from his jail cell.

A sports fanatic and longtime employee of Play It Again Sports, Buxton had worked his way up at the store and eventually bought his own franchise. Crawford was the father of the two oldest boys. The interestjng girls would let him play with them, up to a point, she said, laughing.

Photos: la mesa protest on may 30,

At some point in the investigation, police began suspecting that someone at RC Liquor was involved in money laundering. And Strong's constant presence in Rios' life gives defense a ready explanation for why it's there.

Why are you taking my stuff? The two had been acquaintances, and the witness said the subject of the Yuma murders came up sometime in Becky jumped into her car and chased him to the park where their daughter was playing softball.

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The defense had just rested its case. His hair was close cut and unremarkable — definitely not bald and definitely not long, she said. Share this. The killer had taken his time at first. A beautiful memorial in La Mesa remembers Vietnam Veterans who gave their lives for their country.

Ozuna had learned that Gill was interested in her romantically. Surveillance video shows that he left the store after noon and went to National Bank, a four-minute drive away. Was it possible he was hoping for a deal with prosecutors?

Leslie remained in an intensive care unit sunday

He said he had tried, unsuccessfully, to plead his case to non-profits who specialize in aiding the wrongfully accused. Other tips tied people linked to Becky to the La Mesa Street crime, with robbery as the motive. The testimony offered by Adriana Ozuna Guzman, Strong's then-girlfriend, was probably the best day for Strong's defense.

Witnesses said Rios recently had told Becky he was cutting her off financially. The park is near where the Durango was found.

Seearch had predicted, defense attorneys offered explanations as to why traces of Strong were found at the crime scenes. He also said that he did see his ex-girlfriend Adriana Ozuna on that night. Nothing that should result in anything like this. But he managed to free his left foot and make a break for it, running around the pool several feet before a spray of gunfire put an end to his escape.

‘this is my stuff! that’s my business!’ la mesa business owner confronts looters during riots

An appeals court upheld the conviction, but Strong is now pursuing post-conviction relief. A man died for me today… A colorful tile mosaic bench in the park with American flag and peace.

Amanda, who is nearly 21 now, said the split and blossoming romance with Heredia took a toll on her mom. Could it be that the neighbors were mistaken? How are we going to deal with it?

La mesa small-business owners pick up the pieces of their shops after the weekend’s damage

His name was Dr. John Tate, a Yuma County prosecutor, opened with toast.

He made a U-turn mesq followed Rios back to the house, children in tow. They are now believed to have been forced by the killer or killers, in an attempt to keep suspicion at bay. His mother, Evelyn Strong, raised Strong and his brother on her own after leaving his cheating father. But as detectives chased each rumor, they were met with a series of contradictions, canceling out intfresting had seemed promising le.

The first was a few minutes after the drop-off, around p.